Top Notch Garbage Disposal Repair in Clinton MD

our professional plumbers can install and repair any garbage disposal in Clinton MDA working garbage disposal can do wonders for your kitchen. A malfunctioning garbage disposal, however, can be just the opposite. A broken garbage disposal (if it will turn on) won't grind food, and probably start stinking up your kitchen with backed up food waste. Our repair technicians can easily repair, maintain, or replace your malfunctioning garbage disposal and keep your kitchen functioning beautifully!

Tips for Keeping a Healthy Disposal

1. Don't put hard items down the disposal

2. Don't put dense, starchy items down the disposal (banana peels, celery, coffee grounds, corn husks, etc.)

3. Don't put large items down the disposal (cut them into smaller bits)

4. Run cold water (not hot) while using the disposal and for 30 seconds after

5. Don't use liquid drain cleaners on your disposal

If you follow the above tips, you'll be one step closer to maintaining a healthy garbage disposal.

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one of our plumbers is on the phone with a clientIf ever you are in need of fast garbage disposal repair in Clinton, call our Clinton plumbers right away. We can disassemble, clean, repair, and reassemble your garbage disposal in a jiffy.

You'll be able to return to the kitchen to make your nightly dinner, with no disruptions to your daily routine. If your disposal is beyond repair, then we will gladly help you choose and install a new model.

We'd love to get to know you – call us for an inspection!

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